Standard Website Design Service

60,000.00 exc. VAT

Standard Website Design Service

One Package, One-off Payment, Standard Website Design Service


Costing at just N60,000, our Standard Website Design Service is perfect for most businesses who want to look their best and convert leads.

A one-time, N60,000 Website Design fee, depending on the features of your website designs project. Yes, a new website can be this simple and affordable. You can opt for only the Website Designs Service or signup for our Website Management Service too.

Standard Website Design Service

One Package, One-off Payment, Standard Website Design Service


Costing at just N60,000, our Standard Website Design Service is perfect for most businesses who want to look their best and convert leads.

A one-time, N60,000 Standard Website Design service fee, depending on the features of your website designs project. Yes, a new website can be this simple and affordable. You can opt for only the Website Designs Service or signup for our Website Management Service too.


We will provide what you need to start growing online. Here’s some of what’s included with the Jossidy Digital Agency’s Standard Website Design Service:

An Amazing Look: Our designers will give your brand a professional look that stands out from the competition, including a logo or brand identity.

A ranking on Google: Our production team ensures your site goes live with the latest best practices for search engines.

A Compelling New Story: Our copywriters will work with you to create a unique message that connects with your target audience.

Everything working together: Our team makes sure all your business tools are integrated into your website so it works the way you want.


Our Standard Website Design is Built to Help You Attract Visitors & Capture Leads

At Jossidy Digital Agency, we establish your website as the center of your digital universe. It’s the anchor, the foundation, the glue that holds everything together. Any investment you make in online marketing, be it advertising, social media, or search optimization has got to start and end with your website. That’s just the way it works, and we make sure it works well. More of what our Standard Website Design Service offers:

Mobile Support: Fully responsive, which means all your pages looks great and converts your visitors no matter the device.

Fully Customizable: This means you get the website you want without being boxed into rigid templates.

Expressive Home Pages: Home Pages that tell a story, and from top to bottom, engage and convert your visitors to action.

Standards Compliant: Semantic HTML5 and CSS, Bootstrap 3, W3C standard platform. We’re simply doing it correctly for you!

Built on WordPress: Websites built on the world’s leading CMS guarantees simplicity of edits, fast loading, and ease of search engines discovery.

SEO Friendly: Code that search engines love: micro-formats, easy to crawl site architecture, and metadata optimized by our team of SEO experts.


More of our Standard Website Design Service Offers:

Support & Maintenance

  • Dedicated Project Manager During Site Development: A project manager to work with you to ensure your project goals are achieved.
  • Submit & Track Support Tickets By Email or Our Helpdesk: Easily log a service request with us. You can go on and ask us anything!
  • Available Support & Updates: Get help, advice and answers, 8 hours a day, 6 days a week. We’re available to attend to support requests.



  • Customized Designs: No generic templates! Stand out from the crowd with a completely customized website design based on your preferences and ideas
  • Stock Images Acquisitions: We find and use stock images that tell the story of your brand. We do the searching, licensing and editing of the right stock images for your project.  
  • Flexible Layouts: Let your uniqueness shine through! We abhor rigid, cookie cutter templates, and prefer original, creative approach to projects.
  • Basic Pages: We will create interesting and aesthetically appealing basic web pages for your website, including, but not limited to: Home Page; About Us Page; Contact Page; FAQ Page; Services Page etc. Refer to the Functionality & Extensions section below for more.


Copy Writing

  • Professional Page Copy Writing: We will write your website’s pages professionally, to ensure that they tell your unique story. Blogging is excluded from this.
  • Content Migration Assistance: We can migrate the web pages and blog posts from your present website, if you want that.
  • Pitches & CTAs: Your Home Page will contain a pitch section and Call to Action features.
  • Team Member Management: We will use the employees’ resumes and social media profiles provided to create bios that make your team shine


Search Engine Optimization

  • Keyword Optimization: We will optimize a keyword for each of your web pages as part of our native SEO input for even our least website design option.
  • XLM Sitemap: Sitemaps pass web pages info of websites to search engines. Their crawl bots would capture everything, ensuring a higher ranking for your website.
  • Robots.txt Files: We create robots.txt files that tell search engines what parts of your website to crawl, ensuring that only the appropriate parts show up in search engines.
  • Google Webmaster Tools Verification: As part of our integral search optimization for all our projects, we will create an account and verify your website with Google Webmaster Tools, to provide you with crucial data about your website’s performance in search engines. This data will also suggest changes to improve your website’s search visibility.
  • Redirect Broken Pages: We will redirect broken pages and links so website visitors won’t land on the dreaded 404 error page.


Analytics & Reporting

  • Google Analytics & Tracking: Know how much traffic arrives at your website, where the traffic comes from and how the visitors behave at your website. This knowledge will help drastically improve your marketing efforts.
  • Web Traffic Tracking & Goal Targeting: Track website traffic to its source, and know what traffic channels to invest in.
  •  Exclude Internal Traffic via Filters: Good data is clean data. We can block traffic from your office from appearing in your reports, so you will be analyzing only traffic from potential customers.
  • Monthly Traffic Reports: You will receive monthly detailed traffic data directly into your inbox.
  • Keyword Rankings Tracking: See how your website ranks on main search engines for your keywords.
  • Historical Trend Reporting: Historical data analysis over a period of time gives a better overview of trends and your website’s performance.
  • Dashboard Data Reports: Login and see how your website is doing.


Functionality & Extensions

  • Unlimited User Accounts: We will set up your website with unlimited user accounts functionality for you, your team, and your users if required.
  • Unlimited Photo, Audio, & Video Hosting: We will provide photo, audio and video hosting and embedding if required.
  • FAQ Section:  We will provide a Frequently Asked Questions page or section for your website if required.
  • Members Content: We will create a member’s only content access if required.
  • Location Manager: Whether your business has 2 or 20 locations or branches, you can easily manage them using features like location searches and Google map embeds.
  • Powerful Contact Forms: We can create forms of various sorts to enable your customers and potential customers contact you through email. We can create simple inquiry forms or complex, multi-part forms.
  • Free SSL Certificates: We will install free Let’s Encrypt SSL certificate on your website.


Reliable Hosting

  • HTML5/CSS Standards Compliant: Your solidly formatted website will look good and perform well on all browsers, operating systems and mobile devices.
  • Inbuilt Micro-formats:  Inbuilt Micro-formats and HTML built for Search Engine Optimization. These will improve your search engine ranking with testimonials and addresses that use micro-formats that search engines understand better.
  • Responsive Development Platform: Your website will look good on all devices, be they desktop computers, laptops, tablets and mobile Phones
  • Easy to Use WordPress Platform: With WordPress, the world’s number one CMS, page editing and addition of blog posts is an easy and seamless process.
  • Managed Upgrades: Fully managed WordPress upgrades.
  • 3rd Party Front-End Code Integration Support: Integrate with virtually any 3rd party embed or iFrame tool. Just let us know what you want!
  • 24/7 Infrastructure & Security Monitoring: We will set up automated monitoring of your website for Infrastructure & Security problems 24/7.

Continual Development: We continue to develop and add features to fulfill our clients’ needs. Let us know if you want features we do not have yet.



“We’ve no need to bother about our website. Jossidy Digital Agency takes care of that, down to the details, so we only have to focus on our business and our clients”. – Harric Concepts Clothings.

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