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Advertising Agency

The Jossidy Agency is a multi-media advertising agency, using the Integrated Marketing Communications approach to promote businesses, causes and programs. We are a medium sized firm registered in Nigeria, with several years of experience in the…

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Business Directory

Jossidy Business Links is an online business directory, which uses the great powers of the internet to connect various businesses with potential customers and clients. Business owners register their businesses, providing the requisite information about…

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Printing Services

Jossidy Prints is a highly experienced printing services providers. We offer mostly online, web-to-print services, taking orders on our website and delivering those orders to our customers after execution. However, we also provide customized printing…

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Real Estate Hub

Jossidy Real Estate Hub is an online properties marketplace, where renters, leasers and sellers of various types of properties meet potential tenants, customers and clients. We use the great powers of the internet to facilitate these important connections…

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Travel & Tours

Jossidy Travel & Tours is an online platform that facilitates very important information searches for travel services. We help travelers with flights & hotels search; find the best tour deals, the best hotel deals, the best flight deals, and the best Travel…

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