Custom Blogging Services

Custom Blogging Services

Fuel Your Marketing Efforts with the Great Content of our Custom Blogging Services.

Grow Your Web Traffic & Fuel Your Marketing. 

In this age of fierce competition, content is the one thing that can reliably keep your business ahead of the rest. Without good content to support your marketing efforts, acquiring new leads and customers become difficult.

Blogging is an effective means for connecting with your target audience. It increases your business’s online presence and visibility.

When it is done properly, blogging can also make search engines recognize your business as an expert in your field, which makes increasing traffic to your website, gaining people’s trust, and generating more leads much more achievable goals.


Content is the Fuel for Your Internet Marketing Engine.

Unique blog articles help you show up in Google searches more often and give you fresh material to use across all your marketing channels.


Get Content that Will Fuel Your Internet Marketing Engine

Good content supports your marketing efforts, helping you acquire new leads and customers. Blogging is an effective platform for connecting with your target audience. It increases your business’ online presence and visibility.


But how do you blog the right way?

The short answer: Relevance and Quality.

With our custom blogging service, you get a dedicated content strategist who will assist you in figuring out which topics to blog about and which audience groups to target, thus ensuring that you regularly release content that people care about.

To help ensure the usefulness of the content, our writers write with your target audience in mind. They are trained and experienced in writing content that highlights and promotes your services while still maintaining quality as the top priority.

Boost Your Traffic from Search Engines

Nearly all customers begin researching their needs on Google. When you customize your blogs to answer the common questions your prospects are typing into their search bars, you can rise to the top of the page rankings and get a consistent stream of new visitors.


Hook Visitors Before Your Competitors

When your blogs find potential customers during their research process online, you’re delivering valuable advice before they’ve ever heard about your competition. You’ll build trust and establish your expertise, giving you a significant advantage in the sales process.


Get High ROI Marketing Material

A good story is important to every banner, email, or social media post. Well-crafted blogs give you a story to tell in each of these channels and mediums. And since visitors will likely engage with your marketing many times before becoming a sales lead, giving them a valuable message to engage with each time is important for your effectiveness.


Jossidy Digital Agency Has Valuable Experience with Blog Writing Services

  • Clients receiving uniquely branded blogs
  • Published blog articles on client websites
  • Approval of first drafts of blogs by clients
Custom Blogging

“My custom blogs bring thousands of visits to my site through organic search. It’s a great marketing investment.”Mercedes Richards, CEO, Mrein

This time last year, our blog was getting around 370 visits per month. Now we’re at 1100. We planned out an entire year of blog topics in advance so all I have to do each month is approve what Jossidy Digital Agency’s team wrote or request small revisions. I can’t wait to see our numbers come next year.”Clement Osunkwo, MD, Mentech Fitness & Health Services

Jossidy Digital Agency’s editorial team takes so much work off of my plate. Every month, they’re coming up with blog topics, writing articles, and optimizing the final product so people in my service area see my posts in Google search results. When I started this service, 10% of my total site’s traffic came from blogs, now it’s tripled to 33%!”James Badmos, CEO, Jossidy Men’s Clothings

Is Our Custom Blogging Service for You?

Request a consultation with our marketing experts. We’ll get to know your business and show you how investing in high-quality Blog Writing Services can deliver on growing your business through more effective marketing.

Custom Blogging Startup Process

Custom Blogging Packages

Basic Custom Blogging Service: N30,000 per month

Ideal for businesses with limited budgets but needing to up their content marketing

Twice a month, get interesting blogs tailored to your audience, plus a dedicated content team that will help hone your message.

Pro Custom Blogging Service: N50,000 per month

Ideal for businesses who want to start getting serious about their content marketing

Four times a month, get interesting blogs tailored to your audience, plus a dedicated content team that will help hone your message.

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