How It Works

How Promotions Work on Jossidy Affiliates Hub

How It Works

Home Page & Sidebar Advert Placements

You can place advert graphic photos and short text descriptions on the home page and sidebars of our website to promote approved products, services, causes and other materials. These advert placements last for seven (7) days from the day they are placed, after approval and payment. Visit our Contacts page to send us a message requesting an advert placement.

Advert Placements on our website costs N5,000 per advert placement for the sidebar, and N7000 per advert placement for the home page. These payments are to be made through the payment options on our website. Click here to pay for advert placement(s).



Advert Graphic Photos: Maximum 800 pixels by 800 pixels square shaped photos. Any graphic photos larger than this will be resized to fit the required size. The graphic photos must be in the JPG, PNG or GIF photo formats to be approved for placement.

Send the graphic design photo, as an attachment, to [email protected].


Advert Submission Summary:

  1. Send an advert request, with the text for the advert, including links, as part of the request mail.
  2. When approved, send the graphic design photo as an attachment to [email protected]. Introduce the email with your username on our website, and the title of your advert placement for easy identification.
  3. Make your payment through the options provided on our website, by visiting to choose and pay for the service you want.
  4. We shall put up your advert graphic photo and text in the request area of our website for seven (7) days.
  5. The advert graphic photo must have a maximum size of 800 pixels by 800 pixels. The photo must be in the JPG, PNG or GIF photo formats.
  6. Advert placements on our home page cost N7,000, while advert placement on the sidebar cost N 5,000.

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