About Us

About Jossidy Ventures


  • Ultimate Pacesetters
  • Highly Ethical
  • Consummate Professionals

Jossidy Ventures is a multi-business venture firm, committed to the best business practices in whatever area we invest in or venture into.

  • Incorporated in 1998 (RCR No. 0305201/02; Certificate No. 961370).
  • Based in Port Harcourt, Nigeria.
  • Team of Creative Designers, Digital Experts, Social Media Managers and Innovative Marketing Strategists.

Our Ventures

  • Advertising Agency
  • Business Directory
  • Printing Services
  • Real Estate Hub
  • Travel & Tours

Our Vision

To become the Ultimate Pacesetters in our various ventures, applying Creative Solutions and Professionalism, using the very Best Standards and maintaining the Highest Ethics.


Our Mission

To do great work and offer great solutions. To apply innovation through unstinting Creativity, Research and Memorable Flair. To provide a Lasting Competitive Edge for all our associates.