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Advertising Agency

The Jossidy Agency is a multi-media advertising agency, using the Integrated Marketing Communications approach to promote businesses, causes and programs. We are a medium sized firm registered in Nigeria, with several years of experience in the…

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Printing Services

Jossidy Prints is a highly experienced printing services providers. We offer mostly online, web-to-print services, taking orders on our website and delivering those orders to our customers after execution. However, we also provide customized printing…

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Properties & Real Estate Services Directory

Jossidy Real Estate Hub is an online properties marketplace, where renters, leasers and sellers of various types of properties meet potential tenants, customers and clients. We use the great powers of the internet to facilitate these important connections…

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Top Quality Men’s Clothing & Accessories

Jossidy Clothing & Accessories is an online store offering top quality male clothing and accessories to online shoppers worldwide. We provide beautiful, trendy and quality men’s clothing and clothing accessories from top manufacturers in Turkey and Europe…

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Business Directory

Jossidy Business Links is an online business directory, which uses the great powers of the internet to connect various businesses with potential customers and clients. Business owners register their businesses, providing the requisite information about…

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Cryptocurrency Services Directory

Jossidy Cryptos is a cryptocurrency services directory that displays important, pertinent info on various cryptocurrency services from around the world. The cryptocurrency services include, exchanges, payment processors, trading platforms, and wallets. Click to learn more about these great offers…

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What They Say About Us

The guys at Jossidy Agency are really on top of their game. I really liked the way they took the time to walk me through their proposals, explaining in details the ‘whys’ and ‘hows’ of what needed to be done. I’ll recommend them to anyone who wants to give their business a boost, both online and offline.

Mercedes Richards

MD, Mrein Clothings

I liked the thoroughness and commitment of the people at Jossidy Agency. They’re not just about getting the job done; they’re also about doing it excellently well. And they explain everything that needs to be done so concisely that you know beforehand that you’re in good company working with them!

Clement Osunkwo

MD, Mentch Fitness & Health

Kudos to Jossidy Agency! They did wonders for my new startup, from the logo design to the billboards. Now we march on to conquer online as we’ve done offline, and I’m all excited as I know that I’m in good hands.

Rita Acha

CEO Smartworld Couture & Accessories.

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